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Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship
Winter 2001


From: Thomas G. Lacher
Affiliation: Supervisory Public Health Advisor, Public Health Practice Program Office, CDC
Regarding: Designing and Delivering a Public Health Informatics Course (Fall 2000)

I enjoyed this article very much as it surfaces major issues affecting public health practice. Health agencies at all levels will need health informatics skills and the ability to use those skills. Graduate education needs to prepare students for this obvious skill set. Your article should help prepare the way for many more.

From: Bruce Slutsky
Affiliation: Technical Reference Librarian, New Jersey Insitute of Technology
Regarding: Scifinder Scholar (Fall 2000)

Ann Bolek did a thorough job in describing Scifinder Scholar. I was especially impressed by the way she described how the different versions evolved. I would add that the non-academic Scifinder has a feature called "Keep me posted" which allows users to easily update searches. I hope that Chemical Abstracts Service adds this feature to Scifinder Scholar.

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