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E-Only Recommended Scientific Journals

  TITLE & URL ISSN Start Date Peer? Publisher Frequency Indexed? Where Indexed OCLC OCLC X's SCI x's cited SCI # articles Free/Cost Notes
a Brain & mind: electronic magazine in neuroscience
1414-4018 1997 n Center for Biomedical Informatics, State University of Campinas, Brazil I n   y 4 2 2 free not peer-reviewed, but academic
b Furman University electronic journal of undergraduate mathematics
  1995 student Furman University A n
y 7 0 0 free scholarly undergraduate research papers
c Intellectual property & technology forum at Boston College Law School
  1996 student Boston College Law School I n
y 7 0 0 free also contains non-peer reviewed materials
d Internetworking: ITG newsletter
  1998 n Internet Technical Group, Sandia National Labs Q n   y 2     free  
e Journal of information, law & technology
1361-4169 1996 student Warwick Law School three per year n   y 17 10 9 free student law review
f Journal of technology law & policy
1087-6995 1996 student Levin College of Law, University of Florida semi-annual n   y 13 1 1 free student law review
g Meridian : a middle school computer technologies journal
1097-9778 1998 student North Carolina State University semi-annual n   y 5 1 1 free  
h Michigan telecommunications & technology law review
1528-8625 1994 student University of Michigan Law School A n   y 15 8 8 free student law review
i Observations : the technical journal for SAS software users
1057-2902 1997 n SAS Institute I n   y 29 1 1 free  
j Planetary science research discoveries (NASA)
  1996 y University of Hawaii and NASA ? n   y 3 0 0 free  
k Virginia journal of law & technology
1522-1687 1997 student University of Virginia I n   y 8 1 1 free student law review
l West Virginia journal of law & technology
  1997 student West Virginia College of Law I n   y 6 1 1 free student law review