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Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship
Spring 2003

Book Reviews

Genomes and Databases on the Internet: A Practical Guide to Functions and Applications

Victoria Shelton
George Mason University

Rangel, Paul, and Jeremy Giovannetti. Genomes and databases on the Internet: a practical guide to functions and applications. Horizon Scientific Press. 2002. ISBN 189848631X. 224p. $125.00.
The book provides a valuable review of biosciences Internet resources ranging from databases and genomes to analysis tools and publications. It is aimed at the researcher "who is aware of a few web offerings...but is tepid in their approach to the expanse of the web."

A brief introductory chapter describes the basics of navigating the web. The rest of the book is divided into four parts: Molecular Databases (covers all databases pertaining to DNA, RNA, and proteins); Genomic Research (analyzes databases dedicated to the human genome and genomes of plants, fungi, vertebrates, invertebrates, insects, organelles, bacteria, and viruses); Online Analysis Tools (explores various software applications that can be used in genomic and proteomic research), and General Resources (examines the useful Internet resources that contain useful links, bibliographies, and lab supplies).

The authors review the resources in informative helpful ways explaining scientific information in an easy-to-understand manner and including query examples. The book would have been more valuable if the authors had analyzed the merits and demerits of the reviewed resources in a more depth.

Stylistically, this is enjoyable reading. The writing is clear; the organization is lucid. Features include an index, a short abstract at the beginning of each chapter, and further reading sections at the end of the chapters. In addition, the book contains useful graphs, charts, and tables.

The book will provide valuable information for biosciences professionals, as well as the librarians who work with them.

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