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Number 40
Summer 2004

[Board accepted] Access and Retrieval of Recent Journal Articles: A Comparative Study of Chemists and Geoscientists
by Julie Hallmark, The University of Texas at Austin
[Board accepted] Death of an Encyclopedia Salesman? The Fate of Science Reference Resources in the Digital Age
by David Flaxbart, University of Texas, Austin
[Board accepted] Building a RefWorks Database of Faculty Publications as a Liaison and Collection Development Tool
by Scott Marsalis and Julia Kelly, University of Minnesota
[Board accepted] Agriculture Journal Literature Indexed in Life Sciences Databases
by Jodee Kawasaki, Montana State University - Bozeman
[Board accepted] Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Forestry: A Bibliographic Essay
by Caroline D. Harnly, San Francisco State University
[Board accepted] The Web-Based Academic Field Trip Bibliography: A Multi-Use Library Tool
by Lura E. Joseph, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
[Board accepted] Science, Technology and Research Network (STARNET)
by Walter R. Blados, Research and Technology Organization, NATO
Refereed Articles
Elizabeth Choinski, Editor
[Refereed article] Access to International Plant Sciences Journals - An Endangered Species
by Kathy Fescemyer, The Pennsylvania State University
ACRL Science & Technology Section
ACRL Strategic Plan Implementation: Science and Technology Section
Science and Technology Resources on the Internet
Michael Fosmire, Editor
[Refereed article] Selective Webliography for Health Sciences Authors
by Mark A. Spasser, Jewish Hospital College of Nursing & Allied Health Library
Book Reviews
Norma Kobzina, Editor
A History of Online Information Services: 1963-1976
Reviewed by Gregory K. Raschke, North Carolina State University
Chemistry Resources in the Electronic Age
Reviewed by Mary Ann Mahoney, University of California, Berkeley
The Extreme Searcher's Internet Handbook: A Guide for the Serious Searcher
Reviewed by Margaret Henderson, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Biology Resources in the Electronic Age and Biosciences on the Internet: A Student's Guide
Reviewed by Catherine Jeanjean, Kansas State University
Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Reviewed by David Flaxbart, University of Texas
Conference Reports
Jean Poland, Editor
Special Libraries Association 2004 Annual Conference: Putting Knowledge to Work
by Zsuzsa Koltay, Steven Rockey, and Kizer Walker, Cornell University
Library Management in a Changing Environment: 25th IATUL Conference
by Patricia B. Yocum, University of Michigan

Andrea L. Duda, University of California, Santa Barbara

Editorial Board:
Elizabeth Choinski, University of Mississippi
David Flaxbart, University of Texas at Austin
Michael Fosmire, Purdue University
Norma Kobzina, University of California, Berkeley
Nestor Osorio, Northern Illinois University
Jean Poland, Cornell University
Daryl Youngman, Kansas State University

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