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Number 89
Spring 2018

Refereed Articles
Michael Fosmire, Editor
[Refereed] Managing Research Data: Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Researcher Perspectives
Christie A. Wiley & Erin E. Kerby, Univesity of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
[Refereed] A Comparison of Selected Bibliographic Database Subject Overlap for Agricultural Information
Stephanie M. Ritchie, University of Maryland, College Park, Lauren M. Young, and Jessica Sigman, University of Maryland, College Park
[Refereed] Citation Analysis of Ph.D. Theses at Faculty of Science, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Malik Oyewale Salami, Government Technical College and Wole Michael Olatokun, University of Ibadan
Tips from the Experts
Edward Eckel, Editor
  Engineering Tourism: Sightseeing across the Curriculum for Non-STEM Librarians
Graham Sherriff, University of Vermont & Micah Gjeltema, Ball State University
  Using Scopus to Evaluate the Citation Habits of a "Real World" Academic Department (An Update to Prior Research)
Jeremy Cusker, Cornell University

Andrea L. Duda, University of California, Santa Barbara

Editorial Board:
Elizabeth Berman, Tufts University
Edward Eckel, Western Michigan University
David Flaxbart, University of Texas at Austin
Michael Fosmire, Purdue University
David E. Hubbard, Texas A&M University
Ian McCullough, University of Akron
Nestor Osorio, Northern Illinois University
Cristina Sewerin, University of Toronto

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