Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Fall 1998

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Science and Technology Sources on the Internet

Biology Careers on the Internet

Frederick W. Stoss
Biological Sciences Librarian
SUNY University at Buffalo


Large volumes of information related to biology are found on the Internet and World Wide Web. Student interests in biology are stimulated and sustained by many factors. For those students who desire that interest to become a career, the Internet provides useful resources for career planning and counseling, as well as resources to locate specific jobs and other employment opportunities. This paper provides an inventory of career resources for five areas of biology: biochemistry and molecular biology, botany, ecology and the environment, general biology, and zoology.


There has been a virtual explosion of information related to the biological sciences that is available on the Internet and the World Wide Web. The {Argus Clearinghouse} provides quality-assured, documented, and value-added topical guides which identify, describe, and evaluate Internet-based information resources. There are 67 sites listed in various subcategories for biology (animal science has 11 sites, botany 17 sites, and the environment has 79 Internet sites listed).

A number of recent articles further demonstrate the tremendous diversity biology resources on the Internet and their applications primarily in research settings: algae (J. Day and I. McCulloch, 1996), bioinformatics (Polin Lei and Joanne Martinez, 1996), biology (Martin Courtois and Alan Goslen, 1996 and R. Harper, 1995), biotechnology (Judith Hart and Gary Hart, 1997), embryology (M. Doyle, C. Ang, D. Martin, and A. Noe, 1996), entomology (J. Vandyk, 1995), genetics and genomic and genetic sequence information (William Johnson, 1997, David Jourdan, 1996; and Leonard Peruski, Jr. and Anne Peruski, 1997), herpetology (William Johnson and Carol Roberts, 1997), microbiology (A. Edwards, B. Kirsop, and D. McKenney, 1995), molecular biology (M. Brys, 1997; J. Rashbass, 1996; D. Sanders, 1996, Cynthia Smagla, 1997; and Simon Swindell, Russel Miller, and Garry Myers, 1996), nutrition (C. Brown, 1997), and zoos (Mary Benbow, 1995).

These compilations hopefully stimulate and sustain interest in and further exploration of the biological sciences for students at all levels. If this stimulation evolves into a deeply seated desire to seek a career in the biological sciences, where on the Internet can biology students, their academic advisors, and mentors turn for resources related to career planning and job placement?

Career Planning on the Internet

Planning a post-Baccalaureate career in biology (and all disciplines related to botany and zoology) should begin early in the student's academic program. Selecting courses, internships, practicum experiences, and summer jobs should be looked upon as part of the student's total learning experience. College and university placement offices typically provide general resources for students, designing resumes, overall career resources for locating potential jobs, interviewing techniques, etc. However, it is usually left to students and their faculty advisors to pave the way for specific studies leading to a career in the biological sciences.

The vast  array of career information on the Internet can easily overwhelm job seekers and finding the right sites to visit can be  confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming. Despite clever strategies and manipulations of search engines, long lists of resources, many of them not very useful will be retrieved. When a simple Internet search yields hundreds of possibilities, how can you decide quickly and effectively which resources are the best for your particular set of circumstances?

Richard Nelson Bolles, author of the acclaimed job seekers' bible, What Color is My Parachute?, notes the following attributes of career planning and job searching on the Internet:

To assist online job hunters seeking resources in the biological sciences the following overview provides selected highlights on career planning and employment opportunity sites. This guide comes in two parts. Part 1 provides an inventory of career planning guides, including descriptive analyses and trends for specific biological career tracts. These are the resources that college and university freshman and sophomores should be reading to guide them (with the help of their academic advisors) to the proper courses, programs, and academic options for providing a line of study to produce desired employment outcomes. Included here are several resources from college and university career placement centers. While these resources are typically developed for a specific schools students, faculty and alumni, outside users can often benefit from the insights and additional Internet resources on these sites.

Part 2. of the article provides resources useful for finding job vacancies and listings, announcements of positions available, individual corporate or agency jobs sites, and sites providing additional links to these types of resources. Both parts provide Internet resources on careers in the following biology disciplines:

General Career Planning and Preparation Sites

Sites from which you can get the big picture of resources to assist you career-seeking activities. These sites are useful for learning about the process of planning a career and finding a job. Timothy McMahons Career Resources on the Net, Peter Wedels descriptive book, The Best Free Web Sites for Job Hunters: A Guide to Help You Know Where to Look On-line for a New Position, provide useful insights and guidelines for career planning and job searching in a general sense. Faculty advisors and mentors, career placement staff in colleges and universities, and students at all levels can learn and assist from these general career planning Internet resources:

Part 1. Career Planning and Placement Guides and Employment Trends

This section is an inventory of World-Wide Web sites providing career planning guides and employment trends for careers. These resources are primarily textual in nature and may provide links to other career or job opportunity Internet resources. Resources listed here include strategies for course section, extra curricular activities, internship opportunities, and other features useful to prepare the student for careers in a variety of biological disciplines.

Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and Genetics

15 Hot Biotech Jobs
An essay on career potential in the growing fields related to biotechnology. [{http://www.bio.com/hr/search/15hot.html}]
A searchable database of jobs (dedicated searchable category of Bio/Pharmaceutical), produced by the Liberal Arts Career Network to assist liberal arts graduates with opportunities in the current jab markets. [{http://www.studentcenter.com/where/lacn/lacn.htm}]
BIOCareer Center
Site prepared by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, the world's largest professional organization devoted to biotechnology and related disciplines. The site provides a wealth of career information including searchable features to locate jobs, employees, and to post resumes for viewing by those accessing this site. [{http://www.biocareer.com/}]
Biochemistry Careers and Employment Statistics
Reports of the 1995 and 1996 studies by The Biochemical Society (U.K.) describing career and employment statistics. Based on college and university trends in the U.K., this information has content of value to students worldwide. [http://www.biochemsoc.org.uk/pec/carstat.htm]
Biotech Jobs
A searchable database of positions and personnel available in the biotechnology industry. individuals can post their availability free of charge. [{http://biofind.realmatch.com/}]
Careers in the Genetics Field
An introduction to planning a career in genetics produced by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Profiles of geneticists are in a FAQ format. Links to genetics societies and other genetics Internet resources. [{http://careers.faseb.org/jobseeker/search/results/?keywords=&t731=&t732=47367&t735=&max=25&site_id=521&search=}]
Careers in Human Genetics
A discussion on medical and clinical careers related to the study of human genetics.  [http://www.kumc.edu/gec/prof/career.html]
Careers in Microbiology
Excerpts from Your Career in Microbiology: Unlocking the Secrets of Life )American Society for Microbiology). This site links to Job Growth for Microbiologists Predicted in Private Sector and Education, an interesting essay on career development in this field. [{http://www.healthecareers.com/}] [Ed. note: The link now points to the general site where users can search for "microbiology" or other terms. 11/20/14]
Experiences in Molecular and Cellular Biology
A short essay for undergraduate students written by the Biological Sciences Department at Emporia State University. [{http://www.emporia.edu/biosci/general-information/experiences-in-molecular-and-cellular-biology.html}]
Training and Careers in the Genetics Field
A description of career potentials in the fields related to genetics in areas of basic research, laboratory settings, genetic counseling, and clinical genetics. [{http://genetics.faseb.org/genetics/gsa/careers/bro-01.htm}]

Botany & Plant Sciences

Careers in Botany
A comprehensive student and faculty advisor's guide to working with plants published by the Botanical Society of America. [{http://www.botany.org/bsa/careers/}]
Careers in Plant Pathology
Biology students locate career planning resources leading towards a career as a plant pathologist. Includes academic preparation through courses in botany, microbiology, crop science, soil science, ecology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and physiology. This site introduces students to post-Bachelor's career options. Produced by the American Phytopathological Society. [{http://www.apsnet.org/careers/careersinplantpathology/Pages/default.aspx}]
Salaries and Availability of Jobs
Resources for students seeking a career in botany and the plant sciences. Resources from the Botanical Society of America. Site prepared by the University of Oklahoma. [{http://www.botany.org/bsa/careers/car-jobs.html}]

Ecology & Environment

Aquatic Sciences
Career descriptions, opportunities, and employment trends provided by the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography. [{http://aslo.net/career.html}]
Career Guide - Nature and the Environment
A career planning guide for environmental science and studies, including natural resources and conservation. [http://www.saludos.com/cguide/nguide.html]
Careers in Ecology
Career planning and trends. Provided by the Ecological Society of America. [{http://www.esa.org/esa/careers-and-certification/explore-ecology-as-a-career/}]
Careers that Care
A discussion of career opportunities, preparation, and trends for students interested in exploring options in the areas of environmental studies, environmental sciences, and conservation. [{http://www.bcb.uwc.ac.za/envfacts/facts/careers.htm}]
Environmental Career Exploration Links
This site contains links that can help students and others explore career and educational options in environmental areas. Information is provided about the nature of the work, working conditions, training and/or educational requirements, job outlook, and earnings; lists of graduate, professional, and other educational programs; and resources of special interest to multicultural populations. [{http://www.uhs.berkeley.edu/Students/CareerLibrary/links/header.cfm?FIELD=9}]
Environmentalist/Environmental Scientist
A comprehensive resource provided by the Princeton Review Online. This site provides trends, career profiles, and other sites assisting the job candidate. This site contains a search engine, Find-A-Rama Internship Search, which provides internship leads in the following areas: aquariums, biomedical research, biotechnology, Earth and ocean Sciences, Environment, Environmental Policy, Forests, Forest Management, Forest Products, Horticulture, Scientific Research, Wildlife Management, Zookeeping, and Zoos. A similar resource site has been prepared for a career as Ecologist. [{http://www.review.com/career/templates/temp1.cfm?body=index.cfm}]
Experiences in Field Biology
A career planning guide for students exploring potential in field biology. [{http://www.botany.uwc.ac.za/Envfacts/facts/careers.htm}]
Experiences in Field and Organismal Biology
An inventory of career planning resources in the following areas (see links on this site also): Oceanography, Marine Science & Marine Biology; Outdoor and Environmental Careers, Ichthyology, Botany, Mammology, Marine Mammal Science, Herpetology, Marine Biology & Oceanography, Aquatic Sciences, and Environmental Sciences/Studies. [{http://www.emporia.edu/biosci/general-information/experiences-in-field-biology.html]
Forestry Career & Education Information
A comprehensive inventory of career planning resources produced by the Society of American Foresters.  [{http://careercenter.eforester.org/}]
A Guide to Careers in Ecology and Environmental Studies
This guide was put together to answer some of the questions commonly asked by students concerning their career options. [{http://www.louisville.edu/groups/biology-www/ecoques.html}]
Nature and the Environment
A general career guide with links to potential sources of employment in public and private sectors.  [http://www.saludos.com/cguide/nguide.html]
Outdoor Action Guide to Outdoor/Environmental Careers
Produced by Princeton University's Outdoor Action group. This guide is designed to briefly present some of the issues and resources for starting a career in the outdoors on the environment. [{http://www.princeton.edu/~oa/jobs/careeroe.html}]
Questions About Careers in Oceanography
A series of questions and answers presented by Texas A&M University. [{http://www-ocean.tamu.edu/Careers/}]
Smithsonian Institution - Sources for Information on Careers in Biology, Conservation, and Oceanography
This electronic pamphlet provides a listing of the career guidance leaflets published by the professional scientific societies as well as United States Government publications on careers in biology, conservation, and oceanography. Other sources for career information are also included. [{http://www.si.edu/Encyclopedia_SI/nmnh/careers.htm}]
Women's Wire -- Environmentalist
Careers for women as environmental activist. The site profiles individual women and the differences they are making as environmental advocates. [{http://www.womenswire.com/work/go/environ/start.html}]

General Biology and Biological/Life Sciences

Biological and Medical Scientists Occupational Outlook Handbook
1998-99 overview of job-markets, trends, and prospects for job availabilities. A searchable index provides very broad coverage of biology related jobs from technician to professor in both the public and private sectors.  [{http://stats.bls.gov/oco/ocos047.htm}] [Ed. note: See Microbiologists, Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists, and Medical Scientists in the 2014 version. 11/20/14]
Biology Career Outlooks
Surveys of career options for biology undergraduate majors. More than 50 career profiles broadly related to biology are provided from the 1998-99 Occupational Outlook Handbook. [{http://unc3.unionky.edu/science/careers.htm}]
Biology Careers
Describes various career options for students in biology. A realistic overview of employment opportunities and planning needed at the undergraduate level. [{http://www.biodeveloper.com/~careers/}]
Biology Careers for the Next Century
Printed from the newsletter, Carolina Tips, published by the Carolina Biological Supply Company, this essay discusses the trends and predictions for biology careers into the 21st Century. [{http://www.carolina.com/tips/97aug/tips897a.asp}]
The Biology Program's Career Planning Resources
Produced by the Biology Department at Iowa State University, this site provides a comprehensive overview to assist students in making career choices, gaining pre-career experience and finding a job. A tabular listing of resources provide convenient access to useful career planning resources. [{http://www.biology.iastate.edu/BiologyPages/CareerPlanningResources/cprhomepage.html}]
CACEE Career Sources -- Work Web
General employment site for careers and jobs in Canada. Site developed and maintained by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE - pronounced 'Casey') is a national, bi-lingual non-profit association dedicated to facilitating the process of introducing students to meaningful employment opportunities.  [{}]
Career Information - Biology
Career planning guide with links to other career and job resources in North America (U.S. and Canada). Prepared by the Biology Department at Saint Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia, Canada). [{http://juliet.stfx.ca/~biology/careers.html}]
Career Resources in Biology
Developed by the Career Services Center at Kean College, this site provides an array of resources for career and job searching, resume and curriculum vitae development, career description and trends resources. [{http://www.kean.edu/~biology/careerin.html}]
Careers & Jobs in Marine Biology & Oceanography
Career planning advice and links to resources, including links to newsletters and job lists. [{http://www-marine.stanford.edu/careers.htm}]
Careers in Marine Science
Discussions and links to resources for career planning in the marine sciences. [{http://oceanlink.island.net/career2.html}]
Experiences in Field and Organismal Biology
An inventory of career planning resources in the following areas: Oceanography, Marine Science & Marine Biology; Outdoor and Environmental Careers, Ichthyology, Botany, Mammology, Marine Mammal Science,Herpetology, Marine Biology & Oceanography, Aquatic Sciences, and Environmental Sciences/Studies. [{http://www.emporia.edu/biosci/general-information/experiences-in-field-biology.html}]
Frequently Asked Questions About Careers in Biology
A rather comprehensive site for career planning for biology students at the undergraduate level. [{http://biology.udayton.edu/Programs/FAQsOfLife.htm}]
Histotechnology Careers
Profiles of career opportunities in histology and medical technology from associate to doctoral degrees. [{http://www.cobleskill.edu/division/las/biol/histo.htm}]
ScienceWeb Career Descriptions
A multidisciplinary science careers site with links to biology and biology-related careers. [{http://scienceweb.dao.nrc.ca/can/careers/describe.html#biology}]
Unusual Careers with Animals
A continuing series of discussions on careers that involve animals from animal behavior to zoo keeper. Best for incoming undergraduate students. [http://www.arkanimals.com/Career/Career1.html]


Careers in Herpetology
A descriptive career development site for education and career planning for biology students interested in studying amphibians and reptiles. [{http://www.utexas.edu/depts/asih/pubs/herpjobs.htm}]
Careers in Ichthyology
An electronic pamphlet introduces various career paths biology students can pursue in the student of fish. [{http://www.utexas.edu/depts/asih/pubs/ichjobs.htm}]
Careers in Marine Mammal Science
This site is produced by the University of New England for the Society for Marine Mammology. This electronic brochure addresses questions commonly asked by people seeking a career in marine mammal science in the United States and provides suggestions on how to plan education and work experience.  [{http://www.une.edu/marbio/marmam.html}]
Careers in Parasitology
A discussion of career options and planning. Written by W.F. Font (Department of Biological Sciences, Southeastern Louisiana University). [{http://www-museum.unl.edu/asp/careers/careers.html}]
Careers in Zoology
Text is provided from the booklet "Careers in Zoology," produced by the Canadian Society of Zoologists. [{http://juliet.stfx.ca/academic/biology/careers/zoology.html}]
Careers in Zoology
This site provides a brief synopsis of career opportunities with degree(s) in zoology, including secondary school teaching, medicine, and wildlife management. [{http://www.weber.edu/zoology/Zoology_Careers.html}]
Zoo and Aquarium Careers
This site is developed and maintained by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and provides job descriptions for all levels of scientific, research, administrative positions found in zoos and aquariums. [{http://www.aza.org/JobListings/}]

Part 2.  Job Vacancies and Listings, Career Opportunities, and Positions Available

Part 2 provides inventories of World-Wide Web sites linking to job announcements and positions available. Some of these sites allow the user to submit an electronic or online copy of a resume, or provide the URL for a Web-based resume. Students and faculty advisors should be aware of the advances in technologies for submitting resumes. Some sites in this section are inventories of recourses for contacting potential employers. Resources for locating biology jobs are provided for the following disciplines:

Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, and Genetics

Corporate recruiting page for a leading molecular biology and biotechnology research company. [{http://careers.amgen.com/}]
ASPP Online Job Listings and Employment Resources
An inventory of career resources for biotechnology and plant biology prepared by the American Society of Plant Physiologists. [{http://www.aspb.org/jobbank/}]
BioLine Employment Postings
Company-specific "positions available" inventory updated weekly on the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd of each month (or the following business day should a date fall on a weekend or holiday). Applicants can respond to positions posted on this site directly to the listing company. This site is maintained by BioLine -Life on the Net, an information resources site for the fields of biotechnology, pharmacology, and life sciences. BioLine also provides Career Guide services and Career Discussion Forum, and part of its comprehensive Career Center's services. [{http://www.rileyguide.com/}]
BioSpace Career Center
A source for employment opportunities and career resources in the bioscience and biotechnology industry. Listing are provided for a number of individual companies. Job postings are verified every Friday. [{http://www.biofind.com/jobs/}] >
Biotechnology Jobs
Publishers of the trade journal, Chemistry & Industry, provide this database service,which includes job postings, connections to email job-alerts, job postings, and a jobs guide. [{http://ci.mond.org/Jobs/home.html}]
Career Connection
A searchable database for finding and to post jobs related to bioinformatics, biochemistry, and molecular biology. [{http://www.ebi.ac.uk/htbin/biojobs.pl}]
Cell and Molecular Biology Online - Career Information and Resources
An inventory of resources for both academic and biotechnology job searches. [http://www.cellbio.com/positions.html]
Cell Positions
Available Recruitment Database for finding positions available. All the Positions Available from the past two issues of professional journals Cell, Immunity, and Neuron, are online. The announcements are searchable by field, level of position, and geographic location.  [{http://server.cell.com/recruit/}]
ClonTech Employment Opportunities
CLONTECH is a biotechnology company always looking for research scientists and post-doctoral positions in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and related fields. positions include research, technical writing, sales, and other non-research positions available for candidates with backgrounds in biology, biochemistry and related academic disciplines. [{http://www.clontech.com/clontech/Jobs.html}]
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Biomedical positions available in this world renown research institute. [{http://www.hhmi.org/jobs/main?action=home}]
Career opportunities at Eli Lilly & Company, a leading biotechnology company.  [{http://www.lilly.com/careers/}]
Job resources in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals areas. [{http://www.chemistry.com/} or http://www.medzilla.com/]
On-line Employment Service
The Biophysical Society provides a comprehensive employment service to match employers and potential employees. [{http://www.biophysics.org/Home/tabid/36/ItemId/57/Default.aspx}]
Positions available from Pfizer, a leading biotechnology and molecular biology research and development company. Site allows searching by job function or job location.  [{http://pfizercareers.com/}]
Career opportunities at this corporate site. Positions announced range from entry-level technicians to senior research scientists. Non-research positions for candidates with significant biology backgrounds are also announced on this site.  [http://www.promega.com/]
Science Employment Opportunities
International inventory of positions in all science fields, includes extensive coverage of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and related biological disciplines. Announcements are provided from the journal, Science.  [{http://sciencecareers.sciencemag.org/}]

Botany and Plant Sciences

ASPP Online Job Listings and Employment Resources
An inventory of career resources for biotechnology and plant biology prepared by the American Society of Plant Physiologists. [{http://www.aspb.org/jobbank/}]
Ferrell's Jobs in Horticulture
Job listings and career links for those wanting to enter botany and horticulture fields. [http://hortjobs.com/]
Society of American Foresters Marketplace
An inventory of positions wanted, internships, and positions available in the private sector, government, and academia. Produced by the Society of American Foresters. [{http://www.safnet.org/career/showClassifieds.cfm}]
The Herbarium Sheet
Newsletter of the Botanical Science Division of the New York Botanical Garden, many issues contain postings of positions available. [http://www.nybg.org/bsci/herbsheet.html]
Job Offers
A site listing positions available in botany and plant science areas. Provided by SeedQuest. Includes a list of summer jobs and a li sting of job seekers. [http://www.seedquest.com/Jobs.htm]
Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK)
List of positions available (many are summer, seasonal jobs) in the area of outdoor recreation and conservation positions are located in New York's Adirondack Mountains and elsewhere in New York (e.g., Catskill Mountains). [{http://www.adk.org/about/jobs.aspx}]
Advancing Your Conservation Career
Earth Work's Career Network site for career advice and counseling, and resources for conservation careers. Earth Works is a project of the Student Conservation Society. This site includes a link to JobNet, a listing of positions available. [{}]
American Fisheries Society Jobs Bulletin
Internet resources related to fisheries and other aquatic careers. Many links to sites posting job announcements and availability of positions. [{http://fisheries.org/jobs}]
Aquatic Sciences Employment and Business Opportunities
An inventory of Internet resources for aquatic sciences and allied disciplines. includes an inventory of positions available. [{http://www.aquanet.com/connect?view=listjobs}]
Careers & Jobs in Marine Biology & Oceanography
Provides advice for students and others interested in a career in the marine or aquatic sciences from various oceanic and marine biology institutions. [{http://www-marine.stanford.edu/careers.htm}]
Careers in Aquaculture
An inventory of resources and planning guides provided by the University of Idaho. [{http://www.uidaho.edu/aquaculture/outreach/careers.htm}]
Careers in Aquatic and Marine Science
Preparation for careers in the aquatic and marine sciences from the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. Site includes information about internship opportunities, including summer positions for college students; and employment opportunities at the National Aquarium. [{http://www.aza.org/JobListings/}]
Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science & Marine Biology
An inventory of resources provided by Scripps Institute of Oceanography. This is a very extensive inventory of resources. [{http://scilib.ucsd.edu/sio/guide/career.html}]
Center for International Earth Science Information Network
Positions available at this international repository of biogeochemical and environmental data and information sources. [{http://www.ciesin.org/jobs.html}]
Cyber-Sierra's Natural Resources Job Search
A treasure of resources for locating jobs and positions, includes special sections devoted to the Private Sector Jobs, Summer Jobs, Science and Research, Jobs in Forestry, Jobs with Nonprofit Organizations, Professional Recruiting and Temporary Services, Job Resumes - Posting and Writing, and a host of other useful job-finding resources. [http://www.cyber-sierra.com/nrjobs/]
Department of Interior (U.S.) -- Automated Vacancy Announcement Distribution System (AVADS)
Announcements for all Department of Interior positions including those in the areas of fish and wildlife, ecology, environmental science, earth science and related disciplines. Related sites include job announcements from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), which also publishes Careers with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  [{http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/]
E-Jobs: Environmental Jobs and Careers
Provides numerous links to job postings in government (federal and state), industry, laboratories, non-profit organizations, and other useful resources. Includes a list of reciprocal links - other institutions that including E-Jobs in their career/job sites (including SUNY UB). This list is a rich resource for other career sites not found on this site. [HTTP://www.ejobs.org/]
ERM Employment Opportunities
International job vacancies for Environmental Resources Management, an international company. [{http://erm.com/Careers/}]
Envirolink's Green Dream Jobs
From entry level positions and above, internships, links and other resources, The Sustainable Business Network provides a useful array of job related in environmental science and technology areas. [{http://www.envirolink.org/categories.html?catid=9}]
Environmental Career Opportunities
Web page introducing the contents of ECO, a leading periodical (subscription required) providing comprehensive inventories of positions in the environmental and conservation are as. Sample listings are included on the Web site.  [http://www.ecojobs.com/]
Environmental Career Page
The Committee for the National Institute for the Environment (CNIE) has prepared a comprehensive site to assist person seeking a career in the ecological and environmental sciences. A variety of career guidance and planning sites are provided as are links to other job-finding resources, and a list of positions available. [{http://www.ncseonline.org/Jobs/index.cfm?&CFID=13882696&CFTOKEN=9399984}]
Employment Opportunities in Water Resources
This Employment Opportunities directory is designed to serve as a clearinghouse for jobs and related opportunities in various water resources fields. These positions are categorized into academic, non-academic (government, private, non-profit, etc.), and student (assistantships, fellowships, internships, etc.) opportunities. [{http://www.ucowr.siu.edu/announcements.html}]
Environmental Career Page
This is a comprehensive site that provides numerous links for general career counseling and advisement. resume preparation and interview guidelines, trends and analyses for multidisciplinary career development. This site was developed by the Committee for the National Institute for the Environment's National Library for the Environment. [{http://www.ncseonline.org/Jobs/index.cfm?&CFID=13882727&CFTOKEN=56288356}]
Environmental Careers Organization (ECO)
A comprehensive site for environmental careers and opportunities. Provides numerous links to other environmental career sites. Includes large listings of filled (for examples) and available internships. [http://www.eco.org/]
Environmental Careers World
A comprehensive site for locating jobs and other environmental-career resources around the world.  [{http://environmental-jobs.com/}]
The Environmental Employment Pages
A virtual placement center for locating available jobs, posting a resume, locating job and career resources. [{http://www.datacor.com/jobmall/envicon/jobs.html}]
Environmental Engineering Permanent Positions
Positions provided by RJS Associates, specialists in recruitment of technical and management positions in environmental engineering. [{ http://www.rjsassoc.com/jobseekers.htm}]
Environmental Jobs Resources, Strategies, Positions Available
A comprehensive site for environmental jobs. This site provides numerous lists for use by high school students and above. [http://www.cyber-sierra.com/nrjobs/enviro.html]
EnviroWorld Classifieds
An international inventory of profession positions available in environmental areas. [{http://www.enviroworld.com/classifieds/stateEclassifieds.html}]
Fusion Staffing Services
Environmental professional positions available across the U.S. Positions are provided by FUSION Staffing Services, a leading provider of Environmental, Health, and Safety Specialists (both temporary and full-time staffing). [{http://www.fusion-staffing.com/}]
GIS Jobs
A job resource site for ecologists/environmental science majors with strong backgrounds in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies. One of the most comprehensive sites for GIS positions. [http://www.gjc.org/]
Harbor Branch Positions
Jobs and opportunities in the fields related to oceanography and marine science. [{http://www.hboi.edu/news/jobs.html}]
Internet Sites Listing Aquaculture and Fisheries Jobs
A listing of jobs available in aquaculture and fisheries fields. [{http://www.ag.auburn.edu/fisheries/links/fish_jobs.tmpl}]
Job Board - Employment Opportunities in Wildlife and Fisheries
An inventory of Web-based resources for students seeking positions in fish and wildlife agencies, research institutions, and other government and non-government positions. Provided by Texas A&M University. [{http://wfscjobs.tamu.edu/job-board/}]
Job Vacancies
Positions available at The Wilderness Society, a leading wildlife conservation nonprofit group. [{http://www.wilderness.org/AboutUs/careers.cfm?TopLevel=Careers}]
Jobs and Internships
A brief, but high-quality, site for locating Internet resources for jobs and internships in the fields of ecology environmental sciences, and environmental studies. [{http://nature.berkeley.edu/community_forestry/opportunities/jobs.html}]
Jobs and Internships in Conservation Biology
Provided by Brigham Young University and provides many links to conservation biology andecology careers and job sites. [{http://BIOAG.BYU.EDU/Botany/Rushforth/WWW/CONSERVE/jobs.htm}]
Jobs at NOAA
Positions available at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Many are related to the environmental and earth sciences, including the National Marine Fisheries Service. [{http://www.noaa.gov/opportunities.html}]
Jobs in Water, Wetland and Fisheries
A good look at the variety of positions available for students with a desire to pursue careers in aquatic or fisheries sciences. [http://www.cyber-sierra.com/nrjobs/water.html]
National Association of Environmental Professionals -- Careers Site
Listings of employment vacancies and environmental careers resources available. [{http://www.naep.org/RESOURCES/jobs.html}]
Natural Resources Job Announcements
Produced at Colorado State University, this site provides links to a variety of sites for natural resources conservation including rangeland ecology. [{http://www.cnr.colostate.edu/~peted/wwwjobs.htm}]
Nature Conservancy Job Opportunities
A listing of job opportunities available for the Nature Conservancy at various locations throughout the U.S. Positions begin at entry level and extend to administrative positions. [{http://www.nature.org/careers/}]
NIEHS Summers of Discovery Program
This sites describes a unique program for advanced high school students, undergraduate and graduate students in college, and others seeking an opportunity to work for a summer at the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park, NC. [{http://www.niehs.nih.gov/careers/research/summers/index.cfm/}]
Nonprofit Organization Classifieds
The Management Center of San Francisco, California provides this site, the web counterpart of a weekly jobs and information publication by the same name. The heart of the site is an interactive nonprofit job search. Jobs can be searched by region, state (although not all states are represented), or keyword. [http://www.opportunitynocs.org/]
Outward Bound
Environmental/Outdoor positions for the environmental and biology oriented hiker, climber, adventurer. Must be in good physical condition for most of the locations and a willing risk taker. The views are spectacular! [{http://www.outwardbound.org/employment.vp.html}]
Peace Corps
The toughest job you'll ever love. Positions for persons with interest in agriculture, aquaculture, and sustainable development. [http://www.peacecorps.gov/]
PlanktonNet - Research Opportunities
This site includes postings of jobs and other opportunities for research primarily on the New England Coastal region. [{http://www.uoguelph.ca/zoology/ocean/index.htm}]
Public Interest Jobs
Jobs, internships, summer opportunities with state Public interest Research Groups (PIRGs) and other organizations. Inventories of positions available for individual state PIRGs. [}http://www.pirg.org/jobs/}]
Resources for Environmental Careers
A Gateway site prepared by Colgate University. Provides links to a wide variety of useful sites. [{http://offices.colgate.edu/career/environmental/default.html}]
Resources for the Environmental Professional
From the Environmental Careers Bulletin, a leading publication for the recruitment of environmental professionals, used by employers from consulting firms of all sizes to government entities, educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. You can search their Environmental Job Listings, specifying what fields, states and time frames you would like to match. You can also submit an online resume to speed your job searches to potential employers. Career information/capabilities are included for a broad range of Environmental and Professional Skill Classifications. [{http://www.ecbonline.com/JobsTop.htm}]
Sea World
Career information resources for Sea World, other zoological park careers, and careers in Marine Mammal science. [{http://www.seaworld.org/career-resources/index.htm}]
SERC Job Openings
This is the site to locate available positions (full and part-time) at the Smithsonian Institution's Environmental Research Center on Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, MD. [{https://serc.si.edu/landing-page-page/opportunities}]
Soil and Water Conservation Positions
A listing of jobs available in the areas of soil science, wetlands, water resources, hydrology, etc. Updated frequently. [{http://www.swcs.org/Jobs.htm}]
Spatial Ecology Job Listings
Positions related to GAP analysis, remote sensing, GIS, and related areas. Ecologists and environmental scientists with requisite GIS skills are needed. [{http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~jthomas/sjobs.html}]
Student Conservation Association
Internet resources for initiating and advancing a career in conservation fields. [{http://www.thesca.org/}]
Wetland-Related Jobs
An inventory of job and positions available. Produced by the Society of Wetlands Scientists. [{http://www.sws.org/Resources/the-sws-wetland-jobs-board.html}]

General Biology & Biological/Life Sciences

American Institute of Biological Sciences
AIBS provides comprehensive career job and career resources through its Careers in Biology and Professional Opportunities and Careers in Biology Web sites. [http://www.aibs.org/]
Biomedical Positions
A listing of student (predoctoral and postdoctoral positions, research associate positions, faculty appointments, non-academic positions, and positions wanted in clinical and non-clinical areas. [{http://hum-molgen.org/positions/index.html}]
BioMedNet Jobs
A database of jobs available and positions wanted in medicine and biology. It is continuously updated, with new jobs being added daily and old ones removed as they expire. It is considered by many as the most comprehensive source of biological and medical jobs on the Internet. [{http://jobs.bmn.com/}]
Biophysical Society Online Employment Service
Allows employers and prospective employees to post positions available and positions sought, respectively. [{http://www.biophysics.org/}]
Careers for Biology Majors
This site provides nearly 200 links to Web sites describing specific careers accessible after training in biology. In turn, each of these is likely to provide many other links. The Biology Careers Page describes resources available for post-Bachelor's Degree students, including Links to Sites Describing Graduate and Professional Schools. [{http://www.furman.edu/~snyder/careers/careerlist.html}]
The Chronicle of Higher Education Job Openings - Biological Sciences
Job openings in and out of academic settings. Many are provided for postgraduate positions (many at the Ph.D. level). [{https://chroniclevitae.com/job_search/new}] [Ed. note: Link changed to the general search screen 11/20/14]
Employment and Career Links for the Biomedical Student
A site for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral students. This site provides a set of links is being compiled by a fellow scientist to assist colleagues in the biomedical and other sciences who may be exploring the Internet for on-line employment information. [{http://www.his.com/~graeme/employ.html}]
FASEB Career Resources Page
A year-around career opportunities and development service that matches applicants at all career levels with employers who hire biomedical scientists and technicians. This site has many useful links for career planning and placement. It is produced by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. [{http://careers.faseb.org/home/index.cfm?site_id=521}]
Federal Jobs - Entry-Level Positions
A searchable database of entry-level positions in the Federal government. In the "Job Type" box, scroll down to Physical and biological sciences. [{http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/a2.htm}]
Frontiers in Bioscience: Jobs in Biology
Search the BIONET: BIOSCI bionet.jobs.offered newsgroup archive. Includes links for searching additional biology job sites: EBI Career Connection, FitzRoy Career Opportunities, Nature Career Opportunities, Rostock University HumMolGen career opportunities database, Science Career Opportunities Database, and Medzilla. [{http://bioscience.igh.cnrs.fr//urllists/jobs.htm}]
Good Works
Good Works is the largest and most authoritative national directory of social change organizations. It lists more than 1,000 career opportunities for people who want to be pioneers in a more just society. Explore your biological options for social justice. [{http://goodworksfirst.org/}]
Job Databases by Professional Societies and Other Institutions
A comprehensive inventory of professional societies, associations, and organizations that support online job/career resources. [{http://www.careerresource.net/}]
JOB Resources, Links, Listings for Scientists
LOTS of lists of job sites for scientists with many for fields related to biology, biochemistry, and related disciplines. [{http://pw1.netcom.com/%7Estantony/biojobs.html}]
Jobs in Biology
An inventory of multi-field Internet resources for jobs and careers in biology. [{http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~bogler/ecology/jobs.html}]
Jobs/Positions in Biology
A world-wide inventory of positions available. Provides ability to send resumes to prospective employers. [{http://psy.anu.edu.au/academia/bio.htm}]
Nature - International Science Jobs - Earth Sciences and Life Sciences
An international listing of positions available, as noted in the journal Nature. Most are for candidates with advanced degrees. [{http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/}]
Nonprofit Organization Classifieds
The Management Center of San Francisco, California provides this site, the web counterpart of a weekly jobs and information publication by the same name. The heart of the site is an interactive nonprofit job search. Jobs can be searched by region, state (although not all states are represented), or keyword. [http://www.opportunitynocs.org/]
Research and Training Opportunities at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Links to specific NIH positions and resources. Most position are in the biomedical sciences. [http://www.training.nih.gov/]
The Scientist
Provides a listing of career opportunities and announcements related to international science jobs, including very good representation from the biological and allied medical and health sciences. Entries taken from monthly listings in the journal, The Scientist. [{}]
Smithsonian Institution - Undergraduate Research Training Program (RTP)
This site describes an extraordinary opportunity for undergraduate students to actively participate in the research investigations of prominent scientists in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History (NMNH). The ten-week, in-residence, museum-based program is exclusively for English proficient undergraduate students interested in a career in natural history research: specifically; systematic biology, geology, and anthropology. [http://www.nmnh.si.edu/rtp/]
Undergraduate Research in Biology
Listing of summer employment opportunities for undergraduate students. [{http://firstmarket.com/fitzroy/}]
World-Wide Web Virtual Library, Job Listings and Career Services in the Biosciences
An extensive inventory of career and jobs resources. [{http://mcb.harvard.edu/BioLinks/BioJobs.html}]


American Fisheries Society Jobs Bulletin
An inventory of fisheries biology and aquatic biology/ecology positions available. [{http://fisheries.org/jobs}]
Ornithological Jobs
Positions and opportunities available online provided by the Ornithological Societies of North America. [{http://www.ornith.cornell.edu/OSNA/ORNJOBS.htm}]
Careers in Zoology
An inventory of Internet resources provided by BIOSIS, publishers of Biological Abstracts. [{http://www.biosis.org.uk/zrdocs/zoolinfo/gen_edu.htm#careers}]
Job Opportunities in Entomology
An inventory of positions (postdoctoral, graduate study, field and other career opportunities). [{http://www.colostate.edu/Depts/Entomology/jobs/jobs.html}]

Discussion Groups and Lists

Discussion groups and lists can be convenient tools to  post resumes in response to specific job announcements. It is a wise word of caution that you should NOT submit your resume to an entire list. Such self-seeking/self-promotional behavior, a form of spamming, carries more negative aspects. Unless a discussion list specifically asks for resumes, it is best to make general inquiries about the availability of jobs and respond directly to those post. Be careful that you confine your reply to the person contacting you.

ENVJOBS-L is a discussion list for environmental jobs. You can submit your CV to the envjobs-l mailing list which also has regular job postings. The list address is envjobs-l@pan.cedar.univie.ac.at  To subscribe to envjobs-l use the following instructions:

ENVJOBS-L on listproc@pan.cedar.univie.ac.at

The Environmental Jobs List (ENVJOBS-L) provides subscribers with updates on employment opportunities (jobs, fellowships, etc.) within the environmental sector. If you are interested in using this resource, you MUST subscribe to the list. Posts to the list should have descriptive subject headers indicating the nature of the available position.

To subscribe to the list:

  1. address your e-mail to listproc@pan.cedar.univie.ac.at
  2. leave the subject line in your header blank
  3. at the beginning of the first line in the body of your mail, type the following command:

    subscribe ENVJOBS-L your-first-name your-last-name

    For Example: subscribe envjobs-l Fred Stoss

Once you have successfully subscribed to the ENVJOBS-L list, you may post messages by sending your mail to: envjobs-l@pan.cedar.univie.ac.at. An Archive of EnvJob-L is maintained at Harvard University.

This list of Internet resources related to biology careers is dynamic. New resources are added constantly, and older resources become obsolete or are moved to other locations. Keeping track of such resources can be time consuming and difficult. Many of the Internet resources described in this paper are found on a Biology - Careers and Jobs Web site, compiled by the author as one of several comprehensive inventories of Biology Internet resources. This site is frequently updated and revised. The URL for this specialized biology careers site is: {http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/asl/guides/bio/bio_careers.html}

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