Issues in Science 
and Technology

Number 19
Summer 1998

ARTICLES Personnel, Gate Count, and Hours of Operation in ARL Science & Technology Libraries: a Comparison with Medical School Libraries
by Marilyn Von Seggern, Washington State University, and Donna E. Cromer, University of New Mexico

The Visiting Corporate Library
by Melanie Ball, Amgen, Inc.

Science and Communication: An Author/Editor/User's Perspective on the Transition from Paper to Electronic Publishing
by Vincent H. Resh, University of California, Berkeley

Validating Journal Cancellation Decisions in the Sciences: A Report Card
by Andrea L. Duda, University of California, Santa Barbara, and Rosemary L. Meszaros, Western Kentucky University

Patents and Patent Searching
by Alice K. Kawakami, University of Southern California

Book Reviews Book Reviews
Norma Kobzina, Editor

Private Science: Biotechnology and the Rise of the Molecular Sciences edited by Arnold Thackray
Reviewed by Nancy H. Fontaine, Biomedical Libraries, Dartmouth College

Science in Public: Communication, Culture and Credibility by Jane Gregory and Steve Miller
Reviewed by Veronica Calderhead, Rutgers University

Minimalism Beyond the Nurnberg Funnel edited by John M. Carroll
Reviewed by Bill T. Johnson, Texas Tech University Library

WORKSHOPS Conference Reports
Flora Shrode, Editor

Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group
by Richard Llewellyn, University of Georgia Libraries

College Science Librarians Discussion Group
by Kathleen Kenny, Bowdoin College

Science Librarians Engineer their Futures: A Discussion From the Trenches
by Patricia A. Kreitz, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Jill Newby, Sisna

Heads of Sci/Tech Libraries
by Nan Butkovich, Pennsylvania State University

Science and Technology Research Forum
by Flora G. Shrode, University of Tennessee

Andrea L. Duda, University of California, Santa Barbara

Editorial Board:
Elizabeth W. Brown, Johns Hopkins University
Elizabeth Choinski, University of Mississippi
Karen Croneis, Washington University
Norma Kobzina,University of California, Berkeley
Nestor Osorio, Northern Illinois University
Flora Shrode, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Daryl Youngman, Kansas State University


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