Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Winter 1998

A Note from the Editor

This is our fifth web-based issue of Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship. In slightly over a year of publishing, the editorial board has learned a great deal and the journal has developed a steady readership.

That readership should grow, because starting with this issue, ISTL will be indexed by Library Literature. The editorial board is pleased that articles in ISTL will be indexed by this major source in the field of library science. In addition, Current Index to Journals in Education will index ISTL on a trial basis for the next year. After the trial they will make a decision whether to continue indexing the journal. Both of these moves will make the articles in ISTL accessible to a much wider audience.

As you read ISTL, please consider sending feedback about the articles. We would like to see a discussion between our authors and our readers about the ideas presented. We also welcome your comments about the journal in general, and suggestions for articles or columns you would like to see. You can send feedback to duda@library.ucsb.edu.


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