Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Fall 1999

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Conference Reports

OnlineWorld '99
Chicago, October 25-27, 1999

Flora Shrode
University of Tennessee Libraries
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Web interface design, using Intranets for efficient information management in work groups, and product reviews of web-based resources for research in all fields were primary themes of this year's conference. Public service librarians will probably find that the conference tracks most relevant to their jobs are those called "Practical searching," "Search Engines," and "Content Reviews." Librarians who are working on updating or creating Web sites for their libraries or units will appreciate sessions in the "Knowledge Resource Management" and "Web Technology."

PowerPoint slides and other materials from the conference presentations are available on the Web at {http://www.onlineworld99.com/presentations.html}. The official conference Web site's URL is {http://www.onlineworld99.com/}, but that path to the presentations requires initial registration.

The presentations I considered to be the best (though I managed to attend only a fraction of available sessions) are listed below. They provided ideas about finding subject-specific web sites and methods for teaching people to use search engines.

In the Practical Searching: {http://www.onlineworld99.com/presentations.html#track1}

In a session titled, Collecting Resources, Mining for Gems in the Augean Stables: Chris Sherman, President, Searchwise, Los Angeles, CA

From Fast Track to End-User Search Engine Training:
Search Engines and the One-Hour Stand: Marty Courtois, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Reference Librarian, George Washington University, Gelman Library, Washington, DC

Marty addressed the challenge of having only one hour to introduce web searching. He outlined important considerations in planning training sessions and offered suggestions about effective presentation format and the scope of points to cover. See his web site for a sample class outline and Marty's recommended web resources for planning training ({http://gwis2.circ.gwu.edu/~courtois/online99/}.

From the Content Review series:
Science and Technology: Karen Holloway, Team Leader, University of Arizona Science-Engineering Library

Ms. Holloway presented about twenty web sites she has found to be particularly helpful when working at the reference desk and for providing support for specialized research. Her selection includes a range of types of sources which she identified as pointers, reference tools, multi-faceted content, full-text, and new developments. Sites she recommends come from reliable agencies or institutions and reflect a variety of approaches to web resource implementation.


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