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Book Reviews

Basic HPLC and CE of Biomolecules

Venkat Raman
Chemical Abstracts Service
Columbus, Ohio

Basic HPLC and CE of Biomolecules. Robert L. Cunico, Karen M. Gooding, and Tim Wehr. Richmond, CA: Bay Bioanalytical Laboratory, 1998. 388 pp., $39.95 (ISBN 0-9663229-0-8)
High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has become the workhorse of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries where it is used to identify, characterize, and purify molecules at all stages of a process from R&D to quality assurance and validation. The book discusses the fundamental aspects of HPLC as they pertain to biomolecules so that the reader can choose and modify chromatographic methods using appropriate instrumentation. The Introductory chapter is followed by those on the Theory of HPLC, HPLC hardware, HPLC detectors, HPLC packings, Size exclusion chramatography, Reversed-phase chromatography, Hydrophobic interaction chromatography, Ion-exchange chromatography, Affinity chromatography and related techniques, Colum handling and maintenance, Capillary electrophoresis, Sample preparation, Quantitation and data handling, Troubleshooting, and Method development and validation.

There are two Appendixes on Bibliographic Resources and a Glossary. The book is well written, logically organized, and includes the essential details to practice liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis. It has an excellent balance between theory and essential facts.


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