Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Summer 1999

Conference Reports

STS Organization & Planning Committee

Julia Gelfand
University of California, Irvine

Meeting at ALA Annual June 27,1999; 9:30-11:15a.m.

Present: Julia Gelfand, Keith Russell, Barry Hartigan, May Montaser Jafari as committee members; and Don Frank, Amy Shannon, Donna Hudson, and Janet Hughes as visitors.

Absent: Ruth Nellis, Richard Rohrer, Julia Zimmerman (she chaired a meeting at the same time)

Julia Gelfand convened the meeting

  1. Acceptance of the minutes from midwinter meeting. Julia apologized for tardiness.

  2. Announcements

  3. Announcements from Council I meeting

  4. Committee Reports
    1. New Orleans planning & conference preview - remember the reception at the Children's Museum; STS Program highlights several members of the section speaking. will be taped.
    2. ALA 2000 will be in Chicago. Conference Organizing & Planning committee to be chaired by Jill Newby is working out details
    3. Publications - seeking new ISTL Editorial member; there is a new STS-L address for sending messages - all subscribers have been changed over; next SIGNAL deadline is Aug 6.
    4. Organization & Planning - was recorded that two members of this committee have accepted ARL Directorships: Keith Russell becomes University Librarian at University of Kansas, Lawrence and Julia Zimmerman becomes UL at Ohio University, Athens; the STS 40th Anniversary celebration will be in 2001 and expect to be involved in planning for that event; this committee is reviewing the bylaws (looking for provisio for committee absence and replacement) and STS Manual for revisions. Bylaws have to be reviewed with enough time for a vote through the election process if revisions indicate.
    5. Oberly - making an award this year; also recognizing the NAL for sustained publishing efforts in scientific publishing. both awards to be presented just prior to the STS Program on Monday am.
    6. Nominating - deadline has been moved up by ALA - contact committee with nominations or self-nominations
    7. Membership - STS has stable membership of just under 2000.
    8. Forum for Science & Technology Library Research - 3 presenters have been selected to speak at the Forum this year.

  5. Discussion Group Reports - Julia noted how confused the schedule was and that we should be more sensitive to the conflicts of holding discussion groups at the same time that several committees were meeting. It was also noted that everyone should be reminded that these meetings are more like programs than DGs - want facilitators rather than presenters.
    1. Science & technology databases - two librarian facilitators will lead discussion - John Hunter and Fred Stoss
    2. Publisher/vendor relations - representatives from EBSCO, OCLC and J-STOR will share information
    3. Heads of Science & Tech Libs and General Discussion Group - will meet jointly during the day instead of on Sunday night. Topic is licensing and Trisha Davis from Ohio State will lead discussion
    4. College Science Librarians -

  6. Other Announcements
    1. ACRL has released new Strategic Plan - seeking input by midwinter - expect to be implemented by 2001
    2. STS has asked for new membership brochures - there will be a new ACRL Division brochure with one-line for each section. The proposed text for STS is - "It's a sci-tech world. Explore the universe of science and technology." Org & Pl cttee will review and propose alternatives to Exec Committee by early Sept to meet Sept 15 ACRL deadline for copy.
    3. ACRL may provide float money to pay for expenses at national conference - up to a maximum of $1500 that has to be repaid two weeks prior to conference
    4. ALA is creating new website on which STS may have some space
    5. ACRL is soliciting involvement in the Librarian of the Year for Academic Research award
    6. STS may want to propose a new award - must have sponsorship in order and good plan
    7. Julia gave brief report on IATUL meeting in Crete in May. The 2000 meeting will be in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia coinciding with ALA. Check out the IATUL homepage for details.

  7. 40th Anniversary celebration to be in 2001 - Julia was asked by Julie Hurd to chair the 2001 Conference Planning Committee, and they will work closely with the Org & Planning Committee for details. ACRL understands that we want to have our own program and not share that year. Ideas shared including having a t-shirt to sell in the ALA store; create a logo for the year and perhaps previous planning year; honor members who have made a special contribution to the section; investigate materials in the Archive for other ideas.

  8. Review of Bylaws - committee must examine bylaws and see if new language is needed for committee membership and service. Should be in parallel structure with ACRL Bylaws.

  9. Issue of fundraising and sponsorship within STS - the tradition of having a section reception is nice, but it is getting increasingly expensive in major cities and the hassles of raising money multiply each year. Not every STS leader is well positioned to ask vendors for support, and ACRL is increasingly involved in the process and must approve all sources of support. Proposed that a special task force of former chairs work on this if the tradition is to be continued (at COUNCIL II - Pat Kreitz brought this topic up and sought advice). Also there are conflicts with many other social events on Sunday night, some by vendors and sponsors of our reception.

  10. Review of ACRL Strategic Plan - committee should advice Exec Council about this - all members should review it.

  11. No-Conflict times at conferences - there are many more of them to schedule around making it increasingly problematic to arrange meetings & programs. ALA's response has been to cancel or downsize programs.

  12. Stoss e-mail about program to celebrate Earth Day 2000 or have a joint program on environment/ecology issues - probably considered too late.

  13. Council II on Monday night - emphasis will be on partnerships with other Science library groups. Collaboration with ASEE will be explored.

  14. Next meeting times for midwinter and annual conferences - need to be changed - request 2 hours. Don Frank and Amy Shannon as incoming co-chairs will determine times and caucas with committee before submitting requests to Pat Kreitz.


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