Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Summer 1999

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Conference Reports

STS Publications Committee

David Atkins
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Janet Hughes
Pennsylvania State University

June 27, 1999, ALA Annual

Members Present: David Atkins, Teresa Berry, Marty Courtois, Janet Hughes, Edward Lener, Katherine Whitley

Members Absent: Andrea Duda, Gayle Baker, Sherri Edwards, Heather Moberly

Visitors: Norma Kobzina

Summary of Discussions & Actions:

  1. Announcements: STS Council news, program updates.

  2. New STS Web Site
    It was agreed to officially open the new STS web site created by new STS web editor Kathy Whitley. Whitley has moved the web site to ALA's server at {http://www.ala.org/acrl/aboutacrl/directoryofleadership/sections/sts/acr-stsec.} The committee will monitor the flexibility and accessibility of using ALA as web host.

  3. STS Listservs Updates
    1. Listserv manager, Teresa Berry reports that STS-L has moved to the new listserv management server at the host site, UT, Knoxville. Now accessible from the web, STS-L is easier to use and search ({http://lists.ala.org/sympa/info/sts-l}). Currently over 900 individuals subscribe to the listserv. It was agreed to publicized the changes.
    2. STSCNC-L, the Section's council listserv, was also moved to the new server. Traffic is light-to-non-existent. The committee will continue to manage this list for another year to see if use justifies maintenance.

  4. Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship
    1. Reports & Updates. Norma Kobzina provided the ISTL report. Kobzina reported that use of ISTL continues to grow. Over 13,600+ readers from 67 counties have visited ISTL. The editorial board is exploring the creation of a refereed section. The board will soon announce a call for reviewers. The board continues to solicit submissions successfully. The board announces the following thematic issues: Environment & Environmental Science, Using the WWW in Collection Development, Managing Change. There will also be a General Issue, comprised of articles that do not fit in the current themes.
    2. Recruitment of new ISTL Editorial Board Member. The ISTL Editorial Board & the Committee completed the job announcement for a new board member. The announcement was distributed to STS Committee chairs and will be distributed via email to appropriate listservs. ISTL editor Andrea Duda will manage recruitment. Review of applicants will begin in mid-September with a new member to be selected at midwinter 2000.

  5. STS's ACRL Initiatives Funds Proposal for Real Audio Streaming of Sections Programs.
    The STS successfully petitioned the ACRL for a 1999/2000 Initiative Fund request. Pat Kreitz and David Atkins will create a demonstration Web site organizing ACRL program information, including the use of audio streaming. Kathy Whitley will also participate in the project.

  6. STS Signal
    Ed Lener will continue as STS Signal co-editor for one year. Heather Moberly, will continue for two more years.

  7. Meeting adjourned.


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