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Instructions for Authors of Journal Reviews

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Here are some basic guidelines of items to cover in a journal review. Not all of them are always applicable and other components can also be included.

  1. In general, reviews are to be descriptive and evaluative, designed to make readers aware of new journals or journal services, for use as a selection tool. It is appropriate to be as open as possible about the evaluation -- both positive and negative comments are welcome.

  2. Layout of Review:

    Title of Journal or Service
    Publishers name and address
    Body of Review
    Name of reviewer, position, organization, e-mail address.

  3. Purpose of the publication -- its intended audience, history, and its general scope and subject area.

  4. Organization of the journal or service -- include information about its different sections such as research articles, fast communications, supplements, etc. Special features should be mentioned, for example, formats - paper, electronics-. If it is electronic, a description of special features related to this medium should be included.

  5. Comparison to other publications -- its difference or similarity to other journals in the same subject field.

  6. Authority of publication -- it might include information about editors, referees, publisher and sponsoring institutions as well as authors and readers.

  7. Length of review, -- no specific limits but probably within the range of 350-500 words would be ideal. Feel free to use examples from the text to support your evaluation.

The review editor will consult on any changes necessary before submitting it to ISTL for final publication. Reviews should be sent by fax, e-mail, or hard copy (preference is for either ASCII text or as an attached e-mail file) to:

Nestor Osorio
Northen Illinois University
Founders Library 303
DeKalb, IL 60115
Fax: 815-753-2003


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