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Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship
Spring 2001

Journal Reviews and Reports

Journal of SMET Education: Innovations and Research

Teresa Larkin-Hein, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics Education
Department of Physics
American University

The Journal of SMET Education: Innovations and Research is a quarterly, peer-reviewed publication for educators in SMET (science, mathematics, engineering, and technology) education. The journal emphasizes real-world case studies that focus on issues that are relevant and important to SMET practitioners. These studies may showcase field research as well as secondary-sourced cases. The journal encourages case studies that cut across the different SMET areas and that cover non-technical issues such as finance, cost, management, risk, safety, etc. Case studies are typically framed around problems and issues facing a decision-maker in an organization.

In addition to case studies, the journal publishes research articles that discuss results of projects designed to improve SMET education. A unique feature of this journal is its emphasis on the use of color, photographs, charts, and other visuals that help to bring engineering and engineering education topics alive. Research articles focus on teaching and learning innovations that have been implemented in educational institutions. The research articles and case studies are intended to be used by educators in universities, two- and four-year colleges, and high schools.

The mission of the Journal of SMET Education: Innovations and Research is to meet the need for high-quality case studies and papers that integrate real-world issues with theories in engineering, business, mathematics, and science subjects. This journal is premiere journal in engineering education whose focus is truly unique. The journal allows faculty immersed in teaching and pedagogical scholarship a serious and respectable outlet for dissemination of case studies and research projects. A comparable publication does not currently exist within the domain of SMET education. The quality of the case studies and articles are very high as guaranteed by a blind-review by teachers, researchers, and practitioners in appropriate disciplines as well as by editorial board members. To insure a fast turn-around time for publication, the editors are committed to working closely with the authors throughout all aspects of the review and publication process.

The organization of the journal is centered around its featured articles and case studies dealing with issues in SMET education. In addition, articles have also focused on the importance of bringing high quality topics in SMET education to non-majors. Secondary features include announcements of grant opportunities in SMET education, comprehensive lists of articles that appeared in other journals, and advertisements from companies.

The Journal of SMET Education: Innovations and Research takes pride in publishing articles and case studies that truly are on the cutting edge of what is currently taking place in SMET education. The journal's rigorous peer review process ensures that the articles and case studies published within its cover are of the highest quality as well as the widest applicability to practitioners within the domain of SMET education. Furthermore, the journal fulfills a long-overdue need for high quality, research-based articles and case studies that showcase instructional materials that have direct and immediate applicability in SMET classrooms.

The Journal of SMET Education: Innovations and Research is co-developed by the Laboratory for Innovative Technology and Engineering Education (LITEE) and the South East Advanced Technological Education Consortium (SEATEC). Its editors-in-chief are Dr. P. K. Raju and Dr. Chetan S. Sankar from Auburn University.

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