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Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship
Spring 2007

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From: Janice Mears
Affiliation:Manager, Marketing Communication, Chemical Abstracts Service
Regarding: The Chemical Abstracts Centennial: Whither CAS? (Winter 2007)

We read with great interest your article "The Chemical Abstracts Centennial: Whither CAS?" (Viewpoints, Winter 2007). We appreciate the evident level of research involved in preparing this paper; it is also clear that we share an interest in high quality and comprehensive chemical information.

Of course, we don't agree with some of the points you make, including relative to CAS' history. (For example, SciFinder development began in 1992, well before the web was influencing the information industry. The SciFinder development project was initiated by CAS management as a service to individual chemists, during the end of the more traditional online era. It was not conceived as a commercial opportunity, and was not in response to the web.)

However, our greatest concern lies with the statements about SciFinder Scholar access and affordability for small schools and academic institutions.

We believe that the collective weight of these facts should be considered in terms of your conclusions about SciFinder Scholar availability in academic markets.

We appreciate your perspective and advice on how to serve the academic market and will continue to consider new ways of pricing and marketing our services. At CAS, we look forward to another century of serving the scientific information needs of higher education.

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