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Number 50
Spring 2007

Refereed Articles
Elizabeth Choinski, Editor
[Refereed article] Current and Future Status of Chemistry Collections and Chemistry Libraries at ARL Institutions
by Jeremy R. Garritano, Purdue University
[Refereed article] An Astronomy Library’s Oral History Initiative: What an Observatory Librarian Is Doing to Preserve a Telescope's History
by Joseph H. Murphy, Yale University
Electronic Resources Reviews
Nestor Osorio, Editor
CSA Materials Research Database with METADEX
by Heather L. Whitehead, Colorado School of Mines
ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Digital Library
by Larry Schmidt and Bryan Tronstad, University of Wyoming
by Meghan Lafferty, University of Minnesota
Science and Technology Sources on the Internet
Michael Fosmire, Editor
[Refereed article] Agronomy: Selected Resources
by Marianne Stowell Bracke, Purdue University
David Flaxbart, Editor
Breathe New Life Into Your Science Reference Collection
by Angela Gooden, University of Cincinnati
The Chemical Abstracts Centennial
From: Janice Mears, Chemical Abstracts Service

Andrea L. Duda, University of California, Santa Barbara

Editorial Board:
Elizabeth Choinski, University of Mississippi
David Flaxbart, University of Texas at Austin
Michael Fosmire, Purdue University
Deborah Huerta, Colgate University
Norma Kobzina, University of California, Berkeley
Nestor Osorio, Northern Illinois University
Daryl Youngman, Kansas State University

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