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Number 76
Spring 2014

Board-Accepted Articles
[Board Accepted] Liberating the Publications of a Distinguished Scholar: A Pilot Project
by Julie Kelly, University of Minnesota
[Board Accepted] The NASA Library and Researchers at Goddard: A Visitor's Perspective
by Jill H. Powell, Cornell University
Refereed Articles
Elizabeth Choinski, Editor
[Refereed] The Ants Go Marching: Interns' and Librarians' Roles in a Global Collaboration
by Dorothy Barr, Harvard University
[Refereed] "Fracking" vs. "Hydraulic Fracturing:" A Review of Search Terms
by Meredith Ayers, Northern Illinois University
Tips from the Experts
Edward Eckel, Editor
  Raiders of the Lost ArXiv: Citation Searching in a Disciplinary Repository
by John J. Meier, The Pennsylvania State University
What I've Been Reading
Michael Fosmire, Editor
  Creating Innovators: Can the Library Contribute?
by Nastasha Johnson, Purdue University
There's an App for That
Cristina Sewerin, Editor
  Electronic Lab Notebooks: Supporting Laboratory Data in the Digital Era
by Kristin Bogdan and Themba Flowers, Yale University

Andrea L. Duda, University of California, Santa Barbara

Editorial Board:
Elizabeth Berman, University of Vermont
Elizabeth Choinski, University of Mississippi
Edward Eckel, Western Michigan University
David Flaxbart, University of Texas at Austin
Michael Fosmire, Purdue University
Nestor Osorio, Northern Illinois University
Cristina Sewerin, University of Toronto

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