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Chemistry Resources on the Internet

Charles F. Huber
Davidson Library
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Chemistry, as the American Chemical Society is wont to say, is the central science; central enough that many important resources in chemical information are among the most valuable -- and most costly -- in scientific information. Yet a significant number of resources highly useful to chemists are available free of charge on the Internet. Following are lists of some of the most useful, with commentary where appropriate.
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Chemical Data Sources

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Materials Safety Data Sheets Sites

Materials Safety Data Sheets contain basic safety information on the storage, handling and use of chemicals. Manufacturers are required to provide them on request for any chemical products they sell. There are a number of Internet sites which provide electronic collections of MSDS's for quick reference.

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University Chemistry Department WWW sites

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Super Sites

These are major collections of World Wide Web information in chemistry. Some of the sources they link to may duplicate each other or this list, but you will also find unique resources.

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