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Instructions for Authors of Tips from the Experts

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Have you done something new and innovative that you think other science/technology librarians might draw inspiration from? Do you know of an unusual or obscure resource that deserves to be unearthed and reexamined? Or have you simply accumulated a store of really useful information from your years of practice? If so, the Tips column is for you. The Tips column covers innovative ideas, practical tips, best practices, strategies for effective use of information resources, advice and introductions to relevant topics for new and experienced librarians. If you would like to submit a proposal about a subject that educates, enlightens, or inspires, we welcome your ideas.

Length: Tips columns have no specific limits, but a length of about 1,000 words would be average.

The Tips editor will consult on any changes necessary before submitting it to ISTL for final publication.

Draft columns or proposals should be submitted electronically (attach MS Word file, images in GIF, JPG, or PNG files) to:

Edward Eckel
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Updated: April 8, 2014

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